Saturday, November 5, 2011

Missionary, Japan, Kobe, 1977-1979

 Rows and rows of finely pruned tea bushes to hide behind.

 Elder Curtis Sorensen and I chowing down

 You need to remember that this was prior to the church "raising the Bar".
Sometimes it was so cold that we all had to huddle together to warm up!

 This picture looks a bit staged....

 Messing around with the camera.....and this was not representative of the Trinity!

 These are sisters that were baptized in the Joyo shi area near Kyoto. It was always easier to make contact with the women who were at home during the day. They were usually more welcoming and teachable than their husbands.

 Elder Bradley, Hana Tsukiji, Lincoln

 Himiji City

 Brother and Sister Narita...Baptized in the Uji city area.  They were around 76-78 at the time of their baptisms.

Hamming it up someones farm yard on a P day

 Elder Lincoln taking photos of himself...It is a bad habit I still do!

 Lincoln and Woodland choro

Elder Hebertson and Elder Dalton
Man, these were the days!


Melon said...

Have you seen my slide scanner?

Rachel said...

I have not....What does it look like?

Myrle Dalton said...

Great pictures! My you are and were so handsome.

Lincoln said...

Mom, you have learned to be politically correct in what you say, huh!

Peter said... have been wearing socks with you sandals since your mission? wrong in so many ways...

Lincoln said...

Its a Japanese thing.....