Monday, March 30, 2009

First born

Hey, did you see that, dude?
Killer Dalton

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Grand Canyon Pictographs

pictographs in G.C.
"weirdi" pictographs
panel of pics
A short hike into the canyon
to see the pics, anyone interested?

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Spiral Jetty Great Salt Lake-Utah

Artist Robert Smithson's Spiral Jetty in the Great Salt Lake. The lake was at a very low level and the jetty was completely exposed. Atourist helicopter approached while we were on the hillside taking photos and kicked up a little dust(mixed with ? from dugway proving grounds)

Oliver H Dalton farm Chester Wales, Utah

Back when I was young, in the mid to early 60's, we would spend part of the summer "helping" grandpa on the farm. On ocassion we traveled to Sanpete county and do stuff on the dry farm, I guess there wasn't any water there. I remember a hay derrick, alot of broken down tractors and trucks that were used for parts. Someone lived in the house but I don't remember who it was. There was a small dairy queen like store that we yearned to go to.
A couple of years back when Cindy and I were traveling back from SLC we side stepped over to Moroni to see if the brain recognized anything. Much to my surprise, when we passed OHD's farm, immediate recognition. It had not changed much in 45 years. As a matter of fact a man was out in front of the property fixing a fence with baling wire and twine, just like grandpa.
The man's name was Staples. His dad had purchased the place from OHD in 1968. There was a caretaker in the home when it had sold to the Staples. When they went to take possession of the place the caretaker and family was still there. It sounded as though this was unexpected. They made arrangements for the caretaker to move into a trailer that was down the road a piece. It was good to see the place and feel my history

Tuba City, AZ Hitchhiker in truck bed

JL picked up this "hiker" traveling the double track dirt road in Moenave and let him out at Tuba City. The road was washboard the entire 10 miles or so. Free ride-who cares, right!
West of Cedar Ridge, AZ. Looking down Salt Canyon to the Little Colorado River. This is close to the confluence of the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon. We were stopped by a Navajo man in a pick-up truck coming the other way on a lone dirt road. He was curious as to what we were doing and why we were out there. We explained what we were up to and off we went. We had the feeling that we were in a foreign land, trespassing where we were not quite welcome. We felt this on a number of occasions

The mighty Colorado river with a little Brigham/mormon tea bush in the foreground

Tuba city , Arizona There was a neighborhood flee market in full swing when we arrived in town. The "barker" who was announcing from the back of a van shouted, "come and get your indian fry bread, it is hot, round, black and greasy, just like your navajo girl friend". jl will attest to to all of that! The fry bead was deep fried in what? Maybe mutton tallow. On the fry bread was grilled mutton, with a large jalepeno pepper, potatoe and corn. Joe had the combo which included a Sheep's rib which had exactly 0 meat on it. The item which he is trying to pull apart with his teeth is the intestine of the sheep wrapped tightly with something special. "You've go to experience for yourselves" to get the full effect. Salt was needed.
"mutton" grillin on the grill

Mojave county patrolman were on the prowl near Colorado City, Arizona. There is a speed trap between the Triple cities of CC, Hilldale, and Centennial park. I have never seen Joe this meek and submissive to authority. "Officer, really I didn't see any signs which indicated a change in the speed, I had my speed set at 57 mph, that is well below the speed limit." Where was the sign? I'm so so sorry I will pay more attention next time, thank you for the warning.

Linc and Joe visit Hopi/Navajo land

Joe and Linc (jl) leave southern Utah and head into northern Arizona seeking adventure and a break from all the issues of daily living. There are a million miles of double track dirt roads that criss-cross through the reservfation. There also are a million night stars each evening. What a place!

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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

anna reacts to the dawg

Anna was willing to help Linc Dawg get this blog up and running ,which was a great help, however her stamina ran out after about an hour. Kids these days, ya love em but they just do not have the patience that we had when we were young!

Goldstrike, Nevada Unique autos

After heading back from Death valley we stopped to admire the work put into this collection of travel-alls.

Tea Kettle junction obviously!

Death Valley, California 2008

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

helping dad.

i am helping my pa set up his blogspot. yippy!

welcome to the dawg.

this is linc dawg's first post. wat up?