Friday, December 2, 2011

Rome, Italy-first day

 Everyone else was getting free water from the birdbath so we chose to do the same....saved 1.5-2.5 Euros per small bottle of water.  Fountains of this type were found in public places throughout Italy.

 "Gut" truck for touristas

 Cindy in a forced pose at the top of the Spanish Steps in Rome

The Spanish Steps-Rome.  Can you located Waldo (Linc)?

Thursday, December 1, 2011

 The Florintine painter Michaelangelina

 A view of Firenze (Florence) fron the Duomo

Another view of Firenze. Our place of abode was down the dark roadway, right about the center of the photo.  Hotel Aldobrandini was interesting, weird, slightly spooky, probably the worst place we stayed in Italy.
 Florence Italy "The Duomo"  You can walk to the top of the Duomo and get a spectacular 360 degree of Florence from the top.  On the way up the corridors and stairs to the top you enter the dome area and can walk around the inside edge which gives you a closer view of the fresco.  The problem is the walkway is only one person wide!  I was trying to take some photos and holding up some American tourists who were not very patient.....I restrained myself from throwing him over the railing.....I hope we don't see each other in the firery inferno depicted on the dome!
What is your view of hell!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Missionary, Japan, Kobe, 1977-1979

 Rows and rows of finely pruned tea bushes to hide behind.

 Elder Curtis Sorensen and I chowing down

 You need to remember that this was prior to the church "raising the Bar".
Sometimes it was so cold that we all had to huddle together to warm up!

 This picture looks a bit staged....

 Messing around with the camera.....and this was not representative of the Trinity!

 These are sisters that were baptized in the Joyo shi area near Kyoto. It was always easier to make contact with the women who were at home during the day. They were usually more welcoming and teachable than their husbands.

 Elder Bradley, Hana Tsukiji, Lincoln

 Himiji City

 Brother and Sister Narita...Baptized in the Uji city area.  They were around 76-78 at the time of their baptisms.

Hamming it up someones farm yard on a P day

 Elder Lincoln taking photos of himself...It is a bad habit I still do!

 Lincoln and Woodland choro

Elder Hebertson and Elder Dalton
Man, these were the days!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Random Family

 Snow Canyon: wow does the sky still look this blue during the winter?  This was a direct digital transfer from an old slide.

 Jefferson Robert Dalton aka................

 Robert Oliver Dalton
This might have been taken at Nate's graduation from Dixie College

 Lincoln hiking in Zion National Park

 Visiting Jeff and Terry in Tucson, AZ

 Grandma Jessie Dalton's Backyard feast around 1980.  I was still living with her while attending BYU....Allison Dalton, Elaine Dalton, Jess Dalton, Stephen Dalton
 Jeff Dalton     Rick Brownfield

 Benny boy Dalton running wild in Snow Canyon

 Lincoln hanging out in Cindy's painting studio (metal Quonset hut) at BYU

My little girl sitting on a rock in Provo