Sunday, July 31, 2011

Lake Powell with Family and Friends

New rearview mirror the boat

We had the pleasure of being with a movie Star

Just drive the boat and SHUT-UP.  Faster, slower, not that slow, faster, little slower, Can't you do it right? Gee whizz!!!

I think I am in love

Grandma and Stella

Anna and Stella

Flag girl

Nothing like a bucket, shovel and a beach full of sand-true happiness

Momma Rachel and Stella

Ben Emmett, Laura Dalton, Kimmy Esplin

Dad Dawg taking down Dan Dawg!  It is still like taking candy from a baby.

Dan with the dreaded sissor lock on Anna

Nikki Elliot, Dan, Anna, Laura

Dan,  King of the Zits, getting worked over by the girls.....oooy-gooey!!!!!

Dan thought he would try a trick-good thing he doesn't let peer pressure force him into compromising his life!

Friday, July 29, 2011

The bearded Cat

Our 17 year old bearded cat is having another rough summer in the garage.  She doesn't know how to clean herself-she likes the hot garage it must make her feel as if she is on a Caribbean vacation!


Hunter or gatherer???  Gatherer all the way.. The gravel pit garden is still putting out the produce and I am enjoying the work and the fruits of the labor.
Cantalope-tomatoes-bananna peppers-onions-watermelon- cucumbers
The darker round "melon looking" thing is a watermelon
The melons have been very sweet and a great size-vollyball size and smaller.  You can eat the whole thing in a sitting and do not have to put 1/2 a melon back in the ice box-no mess!
Here in Southern Utah it is now time to start putting in the fall garden.  Can you believe it!!!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Melon Patch

 This is for you Melon!!!!
 Two types of watermelons planted and two types growing
 Abby is looking at me, not the melon!
 This is the 5th, 5 gallon bucket of tomatoes.  Cindy and Rachel have bottled Salsa and Spaghetti sauce.

Listening to the melons!!!
 Looking at the clouds
Its a beautiful day!