Monday, June 20, 2011

Snap Shot of my "Man's Life"-nice shorts

My good son, Dan sent me this uplifting, sensitive, portrait of the old man.  The pathetic thing is that the truth cutteth to the center and draws blood!  Dan, my man, you are rapidly closing in on the man-life, hang in there.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Garden is growing! I'm eating the stuff.........The kids are a little picky!!

The garden continues to live.  I have been watering every 4 days for 1.5 hours.  The snap peas are all harvested, the first beets are history, but I have a couple more rows that are almost big enough for greens.  TURNIPS: When I mention turnip most people say, "I heard of a turnip but I've never eaten one."
The three typs of lettuce was pretty good until about a mont ago.  when it warms up or gets to big it becomes bitter.  I'll handle lettuce differently next time.
The swiss chard you cannot give away!  Do not plant unless you know a good way to prepare it.  The beet greens are better.The onions are doing well.  Cucumbers (Armenian), along wit the pole beans are climbing and just starting to produce.  The sweet corn should be ready in a week....the stalks are not very tall but there are ears on everyone.
Tomatoes plants, four varieties were planted, are loaded.  We have just started to pick.  The ground squirels are not picking, just eating a little on the yellow ones.

Cantalope and watermelon patch, arial view
 Yummmmmm!!  Wouldn't ya say?  Beets, beet greens (greens, onions, garlic,red pepper flakes, bacon)
cabbage slice with apple slice fried in pan with olive oil and a little brown sugar.
Must be good for you, right?
Cantalope and watermelon plants
                                                            are growing a foot a day!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011