Friday, October 2, 2009

Kaibab National Forest 2009

Summer camp out on the North rim of the Grand Canyon. Scott, aka NATURE BOY and Rachel wanted to try a night in the sticks to see how their little 6 month old Stella would do. Well, she slept like a baby; awake, screaming and crying all night long. Actually she did quite well. It was the parents that were boobing and bawling in the dark!

My three girls thinking about what kind of sumptuous dutch oven meal they would like to prepare for me dutch oven style. Nah, let mom do it.


Scott known as NATURE BOY by all of his friends and family sits on the edge of the Grand Canyon and wonders HOW and WHY.

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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Kobo Daishi

The 9th century Buddhist priest Kobo Daishi encouraged his followers (henro) to complete a 906 mile pilgrimage to 88 shrines. This 'walk of life' was an opportunity for self-examination by confrontation with the unexpected and unknown.

Lake Powell-Wahweap Summer 2009

Hey, I was thinking that rather than just being a stick-in-the-mud, driving the boat, and being the dad that I'd strap on the Slalom ski and give the water a try; it is lots of fun right.




Gettin there

Getting closer....

5 seconds later I was being escorted from the water with a pulled "Hammy." So much for my having a good time in the water.

OUCH stoopid

Monday, July 20, 2009

RETRO-POST: anna and dad do Costa Rica March 2008

Getting the cow into the truck is a difficult task no matter where you are in this world.Festival time..We just happened onto this festival which was going on in San Jose, CR

The cattle were dressed to the hilt
Day of the dead?
I sneaked a shot of these kids hanging by the church during the festivities

doggy dog TACO at mirador de quetzal
Corcovado national park CR. We took a couple of boats from the eco-lodge where we were staying and went down the pacific coast on the Osa penninsula. We then walded some trails in the rain forest and came out at a rangers station....these shells and artifacts are from the park area......
Alot of youth were camped and hanging here, a youth hostel like enviroment.

No sooner had Anna and our crew arrived that this "mercenary" attached himself to Anna...she was not at all amused. She put the ditch on him FAST..not her type I guess.

This is more the type...tall, afro, funny, and state-side, chad bringhurst

Anna building sand castles on an island beach with one of her European friends. She was busting a gut trying to avoid looking at him.
Can you spot the hermit crab that made a house out of a waterbottle pull-cap?

We were lucky to get home alive

Our sleeping arrangments at the eco-lodge

Hammock at the eco-lodge

Ollie North and his contra rebel hostage


You will just have to believe me because I cannot find the stash........Almost all subjects were marked X satisfactory, however there were a few X needs improvement. I was like the star of the 5th I remember. Now 3rd grade was a different story....Mrs Miles was not nice...I don't thik she had much patience for Ty Esplin and me.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Dixie High School Grades

GET READY......I am going to post my high school grades in response to Anna's posting of her grades just to prove a point...You can decide what the point is too late tonight to retrieve the grades from the black hole in the cellar where they are kept secure. TOMORROW will be the day; the day of posting...hang on to your shorts my friends.........................................................

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Life drawing SUU March 2009

Last fall I decided that if I was going to get any art work done at all that I probably would need to be motivated. I cannot seem to do it on my own so I signed up for a life drawing class at Southern Utah University. The class was twice a week in the afternoons from 3 to 6 pm with a lab from 7-10pm on one night. I spent a lot of moolah on diesel fuel driving up and back 3 times a week...that's around 350 miles per week at $3 a gallon, my truck gets about 15 miles per mathematicians calculate that for me. Anyhow, overall it was a productive and worthwhile experience.
I was very impressed with the quality of work form the students who really do not have the opportunity to draw from the figure much. The instructor ran a great class, was always there on time and the model was on time and ready to work.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Howdy all!

Cindy and I just wanted to say hello to you all.

Ma and Pa Dalton-Pioneer Trek 2009
A few gestures of goodwill in passing

Remember that all the abouv hand signs are accompanied with a nod of the head

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Bull fights on the Arizona Strip

During the month of May I took a little drive out south of town on the Mt. Trumbull road. I could see dust being kicked up in the distance in the Main Street Valley area. These two were having a head butting contest for some unknown reason to me....testosterone, playing, goofing off, showing off, or something. My presence did not seem to make much difference to them. However, I did not want to get up into their faces with the camera so I held my distance

20 minutes later they were still going at it

Joke of the day

Do you know how to tell who loves you the most your dog or your girlfriend........?
Lock them both in the trunk of your care for two hours......when you open the trunk see which one is the happiest to see you!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Demonstration: Joseph Alber's Interaction of Color

Demonstration: Joseph Alber's Interaction of Color: "Color Interaction Demonstration I

Explanation: This program demonstrates how context influences our perception of colors. Adjust the 'inner color' sliders until the two interior colors appear to match. You can then compare the actual hues by selecting the 'show match' button. Often, colors which appear the same are in fact quite different. I have selected some presets which demonstrate this more or less dramatically (at least to my eye on my particular monitor). If you find any compelling combinations please contact me and I will add them to the presets.
This program was based on Plate VII-4 of the book Interaction of Color (q.v.) by Joseph Albers (who he?).

(back to interactivities) (home)"

The anatomy of an illusion -- and what it tells us about the visual system : Cognitive Daily

The anatomy of an illusion -- and what it tells us about the visual system : Cognitive Daily

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Thursday, May 21, 2009


All the real good information is on the reservation. green like $$$$$

Keep looking aroud and you will find just what you need!

Friday, May 15, 2009

C.C.A. Christensen bio

C.C.A. Christensen

"The Hill Cumorah" by CCA Christensen

Tarring and feathering of Joseph Smith

In 1862 Christensen did stage painting for a theatre in Springville, Utah.[8]
The first major art work that Christensen undertook while in Utah was a commission from Dimick B. Huntington to do a collection of paintings from the Bible and Book of Mormon. This was done in collaboration with Dan Weggeland.[9]
Christensen is best known for his Mormon Panorama, a series of 23 large paintings that depict the history of the church. Christensen also painted scenes from the Book of Mormon such as Nephi and Zoram Return with the Record.[10] There was a shole series of Book of Mormon paintings. They were originally issued by the Sunday School for use in classrooms and were latter issued in lithography form.[11]
Christensen began touring with the Mormon panorama in 1878. The panorama was 175 feet (53 m) long. Christensen would transport it about Utah, Idaho and Wyoming, giving presentations along with the panorama. He did this during the winter when he was not busy working on his farm.[12] After Christensen's death the panorama was stored away. Many years latter it was discovered again and brought back to light, partly by the efforts of Boyd K. Packer. It would gain its fullest recognition almost a century latter when it would be showed at the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York City.[13]
Christensen also painted some of the murals in the Manti and St. George Temples.[14][15] Christensen also did paintings for the Manti Tabernacle.
Another theme of some of Christensen's paintings was Manti and its surroundings.[16][17]
Christensen often collaborated with Dan Weggeland in his work in Utah.

C.C.A. Christensen "Folk" Artist

Christensen, Carl C. Anthon(1831-1912)
Carl Christian Anton Christensen was born in Denmark in 1832. He studied painting and toy making at the Academy of Art in Copenhagen. In 1850, he became a member of the Latter-day Saint (LDS) Church and served an LDS mission to Vest-Sjelland, Denmark. After returning home, he joined an emigrant company that took him to England and eventually to New York. From New York, he and his wife, Elsie Scheel, traveled to Nauvoo, Illinois, where they purchased a handcart and traveled by foot to Utah. He arrived in Utah with the "Danish flag flying from his cart, his trousers flapping in tatters about his legs."
During his trek, Christensen made many sketches of the American scenery and the events that happened along the journey, but it was not until the 1860s that he had the opportunity to paint again. Little about C. C. A. Christensen's first years in Utah is known. Many years passed between his arrival in 1857 and any public exhibition of his paintings.
LDS pioneer and religious themes dominate Christensen's work. Perhaps his greatest achievement is Mormon Panorama, a monumental narrative that tells in twenty-two 8' x 12' scenes about the history of the LDS Church from Joseph Smith's vision in Palmyra, New York, to the arrival of the LDS pioneers in the Great Salt Lake Valley. To make transportation of the panorama easier, the scenes were attached in sequence as a continuous scroll on a roller, and the artist and panorama toured in Arizona, Idaho, Colorado, and Utah (1869-1890).
The pioneer experience was a favorite theme of Christensen's in smaller works as well. Typical are two paintings from the 1890s: Handcart Pioneer's First View of Salt Lake Valley (1890, SMA) and Winter Quarters (1891, SMA).
"C. C. A.," as he was called by historians in his later life and after his death, was one of the first artists employed to paint scenery for the Salt Lake Theater. He also worked on decoration for the St. George, Manti, and Logan LDS temples.
Christensen's work has a naive, or primitive, quality that stems from his simple treatment of anatomy and perspective, which he learned during his early artistic training in Denmark. A genre artist by nature, his paintings, or scenes from daily life, reflect great narrative skill that earns him respect as a visual historian of his people.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Restoration of the Aaronic Priesthood, May 15, 1829

On May 15, 1829, 180 years ago, John the Baptist appeared to the prophet Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdry and conferred the Aaronic priesthood upon them. This is a print by C. C. A. Christensen produced in February 13, 1888. Repository: Library of Congress.