Monday, September 12, 2011

Dalton/Peterson>Monticello>blue Mts>Dove Creek>Fun

 Dove Creek, Colorado...On the way to Cortez from Monticello.  Grow alot of Pinto, anasazi beans, sunflowers, safflower, and who knows what! 
 Cindy, Lincoln, Joe, Becky in the Blue Mountains.  Becky grew up on the eastern flank of these mountains in Monticello, Utah.  I think she was raised by a cinnamon colored bear and a old uranium miner!
 The locals talk of the resididual effects of the Uranium boon just like the folks around south western Utah talk of the down wind effect of the nuclear bomb testing from Nevada.
 Fields of Gold
 Lincoln looking to be saved!
 Whoops, not today

I'm not sure if that is the correct Pledge!  Slightly altered to make a point of some sort! 

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Zoa doing the dance the garden

Zoa..putting down the dance moves, in the garden!!!

Ben, Candice, Zoa, Drake, Aven Dalton at the garden

 Drake was running rough shod with the camera but he caught this spectacular picture of  his dad.

 You are right, these little yeller maters taste a little bland!
 Just my size!  Aven Dalton
 Drake is demonstrating what he thinks the size of his Uncle Linc's brain is....
 Arial view of the garden
 Ben and Candice Dalton Family
Cantalope patch