Monday, May 30, 2011

Robert Oliver Dalton

 This Memorial day I remember my dad, Bob Dalton who served in the army during WWII.  Boot camp training was at Camp Pendleton in southern California.  He ended up in Nome, Alaska with a few other soldiers.  He said that if there would have been a base any farther north he would have been sent there.
 Corporal Bob, Nome, Alaska, 1946.  He was not an airman....he must have been looking for a place to lean against.
Corporal Bob with two younger brothers David and Jan.

I believe that my dad was patriotic because he loved southern Utah,  his home base in St. George, the environment of the Western United States, Dixie college, books and education, especially the humanities, English literature, democratic party politics, and his family history. He didn't wear his patriotism very far out on his sleeve, maybe because it wasn't political correct for him.....?
Dad died on September 10, has been almost ten years.  His green granite head stone is stained with hard water from the Dixie sun and water, I still miss him, admire him, and know that he tried very hard to be a good father.  I hope that he enjoyed the journey of his life.  I admire his work ethic, intellect, love for family, giving spirit, frugality, attempt at creativity in gardening and auto mechanics, and his love for me.  I believe he is keeping in touch with my progress..............Linc 

Bob's Army Boots

My good dad

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Laura Dalton-DHHS 2011 graduate of the year

Laura Amy Dalton, 2011 USA high school graduate of the year!  She has it all going on.  Ready to take on the world, and paint the town red, blue and yellow. Mom and dad love you...............Now, get out there and make something of your life!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bear Claw Poppy

This is the infamous bear claw poppy growing in the cryptobiotic soil south of St. George, Utah.
Beautiful little thing is a thorn in the side for many people.  It is a protected species and thrives where recreationalists like to ride off-road. This land area is now fenced off and access is suppose to be restricted. 

Thursday, May 19, 2011

violent alcholic family

Love at Home


 Goooood Morning,

Yesterday I hitched the "car hauler" trailer on the truck ball and heeaded out to Provo to pick up the Camry that died on I15 freeway in Northern Utah.  The car engine is probably toast....but what the hay, the kids said it was an old grandma car.

It rained, slushed, and snowed all the way there and back to Black Rock Ridge.  It was a beautiful drive.  Talk about GREEN.  It has been one of the wettest winter/springs on record in the state.

                                                                                     A trucker wearing it out on the sleeve.    
                                                                                         A little hard to aim while driving, distracted? YES

End of the world shot?  Who knows!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

the garden of earthly delights

Nice fertile, loamy, dark, topsoil, the type that you really like to work.  Before I broke the ground, the surface looked a little rocky but it turned into a gravel pit.  I used forklift tines to break the ground, roto tilled with my new Husquevarna tiller, then raked and shoveled like a madman.  I hauled 8 tons of mulch from the St. George recycling facility and 6 tons of sand from Sun Rock....its growing!

                                      Armenian climbing cucumbers, onion starts from Ron Larson down on 600 South.  Ron has a heck-of-a-garden behind his house which is fed by a well.  I got 300 onion starts, garlic starts, and  a few Jerusalem artichoke starts from him.  The artichokes are seen in the next image.  Ron has been gardening in the same area for 50 plus years, he knows what, where, and when to plant.                                  

Jerusalem Artichokes

 Sweet corn, 10 rows 30 feet long; 40 tomato plants, 3 varieties
Early girl, Celebrity, cherry

The Flying Turnip

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Seeing what all the fuss is in Naco

Some of us daltons took a trip to Az to visit Pete and Michelle. Since the border was so close we decided to "check it out". We were not dissappointed! It seemed a little like a police state. Check out the bulgarian nationalist in the hoodie!
That is Mexico for sure

Looking for legals on the other side. These three are legal as long as they mind there manners


The agent in this van did not like us messing with the fence, he said that we were stupid and could be hit by rocks coming from Mexico.

All in all a good time was had by all

Spring Garden

Beet greens
Turnips, Peas, Beets, Radishes



Dirt and radishes

It has been sometime since I posted on this blog. I planted a garden this spring so I thought I might re-start this blog and show the progress.........