Monday, July 20, 2009

RETRO-POST: anna and dad do Costa Rica March 2008

Getting the cow into the truck is a difficult task no matter where you are in this world.Festival time..We just happened onto this festival which was going on in San Jose, CR

The cattle were dressed to the hilt
Day of the dead?
I sneaked a shot of these kids hanging by the church during the festivities

doggy dog TACO at mirador de quetzal
Corcovado national park CR. We took a couple of boats from the eco-lodge where we were staying and went down the pacific coast on the Osa penninsula. We then walded some trails in the rain forest and came out at a rangers station....these shells and artifacts are from the park area......
Alot of youth were camped and hanging here, a youth hostel like enviroment.

No sooner had Anna and our crew arrived that this "mercenary" attached himself to Anna...she was not at all amused. She put the ditch on him FAST..not her type I guess.

This is more the type...tall, afro, funny, and state-side, chad bringhurst

Anna building sand castles on an island beach with one of her European friends. She was busting a gut trying to avoid looking at him.
Can you spot the hermit crab that made a house out of a waterbottle pull-cap?

We were lucky to get home alive

Our sleeping arrangments at the eco-lodge

Hammock at the eco-lodge

Ollie North and his contra rebel hostage


You will just have to believe me because I cannot find the stash........Almost all subjects were marked X satisfactory, however there were a few X needs improvement. I was like the star of the 5th I remember. Now 3rd grade was a different story....Mrs Miles was not nice...I don't thik she had much patience for Ty Esplin and me.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Dixie High School Grades

GET READY......I am going to post my high school grades in response to Anna's posting of her grades just to prove a point...You can decide what the point is too late tonight to retrieve the grades from the black hole in the cellar where they are kept secure. TOMORROW will be the day; the day of posting...hang on to your shorts my friends.........................................................

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Life drawing SUU March 2009

Last fall I decided that if I was going to get any art work done at all that I probably would need to be motivated. I cannot seem to do it on my own so I signed up for a life drawing class at Southern Utah University. The class was twice a week in the afternoons from 3 to 6 pm with a lab from 7-10pm on one night. I spent a lot of moolah on diesel fuel driving up and back 3 times a week...that's around 350 miles per week at $3 a gallon, my truck gets about 15 miles per mathematicians calculate that for me. Anyhow, overall it was a productive and worthwhile experience.
I was very impressed with the quality of work form the students who really do not have the opportunity to draw from the figure much. The instructor ran a great class, was always there on time and the model was on time and ready to work.