Saturday, June 27, 2009

Howdy all!

Cindy and I just wanted to say hello to you all.

Ma and Pa Dalton-Pioneer Trek 2009
A few gestures of goodwill in passing

Remember that all the abouv hand signs are accompanied with a nod of the head

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Bull fights on the Arizona Strip

During the month of May I took a little drive out south of town on the Mt. Trumbull road. I could see dust being kicked up in the distance in the Main Street Valley area. These two were having a head butting contest for some unknown reason to me....testosterone, playing, goofing off, showing off, or something. My presence did not seem to make much difference to them. However, I did not want to get up into their faces with the camera so I held my distance

20 minutes later they were still going at it

Joke of the day

Do you know how to tell who loves you the most your dog or your girlfriend........?
Lock them both in the trunk of your care for two hours......when you open the trunk see which one is the happiest to see you!